Gravity Hill

Its weird, its perplexing, but is it real? Just outside of Harrisburg PA, some weird things are going on! Cars are rolling up hill right before your eyes. Down 83 towards york, take the Lewisberry exit and head towards Lewisberry. 1 mile up on the right side is Pleasent Ville Road. At this stop sign you will find Gravity Hill (well one of them anyway).

We decided to go check it out and see what all the fuss was about. I grabbed my camera, camcorder and a level, put down the top and went for a nice summer drive.

15 minutes of drive time and we were sitting at the stop sign on Gravity Hill. I put the car in neutral and had this sinking feeling in my stomach as the car rolled backwards up the hill.

We pulled along side the road and took a few pics of the area. Everything appears to be up-hill no matter how you looked at it. 2 teenagers showed up and gave it a try. We watched in aww as their car rolled up the hill in neutral, it was even stranger to watch it from a distance. It was time to get the camcorder out and give this a shot and see what happens.

After dodging a few cars to setup the camera, we put the car in neutral and away went my Cabrio up the hill. It still looks like everything is up hill, even when you are sitting in the car at the stop sign, you have that feeling of leaning forward just a bit as if you were sitting nose down on a hill.

An incredible mind game!

After several camera shots and just standing there looking at the area, I got the level out and put it on the road. No matter where I put the level, the bubble seemed to stay consistent. According to this, its all one big illusion. The surroundings and the crossroad made this little stretch of road before the stop sign look as if it goes up hill, in reality it does not.

Just as those big theaters in the theme parks make you feel as if you are riding on a roller coaster even though you are sitting in a stationary seat, this whole area tricks the brain into thinking this road is up hill. Its still a really cool illusion and a fun place to take your friends and freak them out :-)