What would a ghost investigation be without some form of recorded evidence! As technology advances, we seem to be getting closer and closer to actually detecting and recording paranormal activity. Digital cameras, audio recorders, infrared imaging, EMF detectors, thermal scanners and just about any other detection device you can think of has probably been used in a ghost investigation at one point in time, but what are we expecting to find?

Ghost investigations have been going on for a very long time. The main recording device has always been pencil, paper and some sort of film camera, but technology has created a whole new world for the paranormal investigator. The more toys you have detecting a phenomena the better your chances are of providing proof of your experience.

The technical side of ghost investigations is still very new and open for skeptical critisim. Since technology seems to be advancing faster then most people can keep up with, its sometimes hard to look at evidence from a new digital device and say "yeah, thats unexplainable" with out actually understanding how the device works and claim some sort of malfunction. Digital devices have made investigations cheaper and taken efficency to a whole new level. But! Digital devices also leave open space for more deception and manipulation of evidence.

I have attempted to provide some information and theories on some of the more commonly and not so commonly used ghost hunting toys as well as some basic information on how these devices work. Though many of these devices are still unproven to pick up paranormal activity, I really believe that many of them have a good chance of providing some type of evidence. If you find any of the information on the links to the left to be inaccurate, or just want to inject your 2 cents on some of the workings and theories behind these devices, please send me an e-mail with the information. Though I have been working with and building electronic devices for over 20 years, when it comes to the paranormal, not all of the general rules apply.